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Jun. 30, 2017

Hide Ugly Cords With This Simple Cord Cover DIY

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Electrical cords drive anyone else nuts? They drive me absolutely crazy! The moment I see any type of cord sticking out, it feels like absolute clutter – plain mess. In fact, I have gone to some pretty extensive lengths to hide cords in our home. From drilling holes in furniture to painting cords, it’s always a (rough) work in progress.

When we moved into our first home, I bought these great wall sconces (pictured) from World Market. I was also pretty nervous about how the cords were going to look draped next to our bed. Anyways, I came up with this super simple DIY to cover those nasty little poops. Sadly, we purchased these sconces a few years ago and World Market no longer carries them! Check out a few other great options below!

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The Super Simple Way to Beautify Ugly Cords

This best thing about this cord cover DIY is that it can be used on any cord, really! Not just wall sconces or lighting. While it’s a super easy cord cover DIY, I can’t lie – it took a long time to cover the amount of cord that I did. Like an hour and a half per light kind of long. But! It was totally worth it! Check it out! Be sure to to share your cord cover DIY with me on Instagram using #spaceandhabit!

Materials Needed

  • Yarn (eyeball it, probably at least 30-50 yrds will suffice for one cord!)
  • Scissors
  • Yes, that’s it! Oh, and patience!


Step 1

diy cord cover electrical cord

Start by taking the cord you want to cover and straightening it out as best you can. I used a plain extension cord here for display purposes! The more flat your cord is, the easier it will be to work with. I kind of bent mine into shape since it was balled up when I got my lighting fixture. Lay it on a flat surface.

Step 2

diy cord cover step 1

Starting at one end of your cord (I started where the wire met the sconce), take the end of your yarn and tie a tight double not. Push the yarn up as far as you can on the end of your cord. It’s okay if the tail of your yarn sticks out for now, you can go through at the end and trim any extra length off.

Step 3

Here’s the step you are going to repeat too many times to count. So, before we get started, grab a glass of water (or wine!) and turn on some music. You’re about to go into a cord cover DIY meditation of sorts. All set? Perfff.

1. Take your skein/ball of yarn and create a large loop on one side of your cord (A).

2. Cross your ball of yarn under the cord and through the loop (B). Pull the loop tight around the cord and push it to the top (where your starting knot is).

3. Repeat this as many times as necessary to cover your cord (C). Make sure to keep your yarn tight around your cord with every loop. You’ll also notice a line starting to form on the side where your knots are forming. Make sure to continue straightening these out as you go.

Here’s a closeup of my handy work!


Step 4

diy cord cover tied end

When you feel like you have covered enough length on your cord, you can simply cut your yarn and double knot the end. I chose to only cover what I needed to get to our end table in our bedroom but it is totally up to you! Any excess you have can be wrapped and tied with another piece of yarn like I’ve done above.

Get Creative With It!

To cover the cords on my sconces, I varied the pattern with different colors of yarn. If you want to do this simply cut one yarn color and tie your new yarn color and continue looping. Don’t miss my other yarn DIY to create a fun and unique tassel!

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