May. 3, 2017

DIY Yarn Tassel Wall Hanging


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Happy Wednesday everyone! A few weeks back, I posted a picture on Instagram featuring a yarn wall hanging I made a year or two ago. We have quite a few of these little doo-daze hanging around our home so, there will be more of them to come, I’m sure! I was so happy you all liked them as much as I do. They are super fun to accent a wall, plant or cabinet with and, even better, they are super easy to make! So, I thought I would share this quick tutorial for my DIY Yarn Tassel.

What You’ll Need


You need very few materials to make these DIY Yarn Tassels but here are the special ingredients:

  • 1 X 1” Copper Coupling [Can be found here or at Home Depot]
  • Yarn, Approximately 30-40 yds. [Yarn I Used]
  • 1 X 4” Brass Craft Ring [Ring I Used]
  • 1 X Decorative  Wood Ornament
  • Scissors

Quick Note: I bought my ornament at Crate & Barrel a few years ago during the holiday seasons. I actually bought all of them on clearance and cleared them out! However, the Wood Crafter has some really fun dowel ornaments that are very similar! Check them out!

What You’ll Do

diy-yarn-tassel-step-1Wrap Your Yarn

First, taking the end of your yarn between your thumb and your index finger, start to wrap the yarn from your palm to your elbow. Do this about 50 – 60 times for the right amount of fluff for your tassel.

diy-yarn-tassel-step-2Create Your “Yarn Oval” 

Carefully remove the yarn from your arm and place it in an oval-shape on a flat surface. We’ll call this your “yarn oval”. Clever, I know.

diy-yarn-tassel-step-4Tie Your Yarn Oval

Using another small piece of yarn, tie your yarn oval in the middle. Be sure to leave long ends on your knot, you’ll need them in the next step.

Thread Your Tasseldiy-yarn-tassel-step-5

Next, with your copper coupling in one hand and your knot ends in the other, thread your yarn through the copper pipe. Create a yarn bun at the end of your pipe that’s about half an inch in length. You should, hopefully, start to see the makings of a tassel!

diy-yarn-tassel-step-6Add some Brass

Your brass loop should have a separation at one end. If not, cut one or search for the cut and snap it there. Like putting a key on a keychain, thread your brass loop through the short end of your tassel. Try to get as many of the loops as you can through the loop. To finish, push the ends of the loop as closely together as you can. Spin that section under the loops of yarn to hide it.

Tassel Trimmingdiy-yarn-tassel-step-7

You’ll notice that the longer end of your tassel still has loops of yarn hanging. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut those loops at their end points. Let your tassel yarn flow! Here you can trim any pieces of yarn that’s too long or lopsided. Be sure to only trim little by little. We all know what happened to Barbie…

diy-yarn-tassel-step-8Add Your Bobble

Take your ornament of choice and cut off any pre-existing tags or strings. Search for two pieces of yarn at the long end of your tassel. Try to find two that are located somewhere in the middle of the bunch. Use these two strings to tie your ornament into the tassel at your desired length.

And that’s it! Your very own DIY Yarn Tassel! Okay, so what do you do with it? The opportunities for a yarn tassel in a home are limitless! However, I’ve shared a few ideas below!

What will you do with your very own DIY Yarn Tassel? Share your project and ideas in the comments below! Happy crazy crafting!

An Earring for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

A “DO NOT DISTURB” Tassel for Your Doorknob

diy-yarn-tassel-door-hangingA Simple but Elegant Piece of Wall Decor


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