Space+Habit is a home and living blog that was started in 2017 as a means to fuel creativity and to meet, inspire, and be inspired by people like you along the way. While this blog was initially a journal of my own home story, I started to write about things outside of home decor that also inspired me. Today Space+Habit has evolved into a source for some great home deals and discounts (because I like to be a savvy shopper), cool trends and inspiration (because the world continues to inspire me), fun lifestyle resources (because my life isn’t just home decor all the time!), and more (because there’s always more!). Thanks for joining me on this journey of home and living!

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Hi, I’m Madison

Space+Habit is a one person show (hint: I’m the person!). That makes me the writer, web designer, editor – you name it! I live in Arizona with my husband, our son, and our two Italian Greyhounds. When I’m not working on Space+Habit I’m either managing The Ollie, working with my clients as a Realtor, or being a stay-at-home dad. My work background is in web analytics and I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies and small startups on their e-commerce efforts. I’ve been lucky enough to have my work featured in Design Sponge, Boston Magazine, & AZ Foothills Magazine. My goals for this blog are to always stay genuine, connect with cool people, and have a little fun along the way!

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