san francisco curb appeal
Jun. 21, 2017

Curb Appeal: Five Things San Fran Taught Me

san francisco curb appeal

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So, you may have noticed its been almost two weeks now since my last post! Damn! I was doing so well! But, hello! I am back and have some fun things to share from our recent trip to California! Here’s the first of what will likely be more to come. If there is any place in this country most appropriate for curb appeal inspiration, it has to be San Francisco. We were lucky enough to start our Cali trip off in this fun and vibrant city and, let me tell you, I wanted to snatch up 90% of the home we passed. I know, I know – good luck with getting one of them, Madison. A kid can dream. As we ran around the city snapping pictures of all the curb porn, I noticed a few trends that, I think, make San Francisco such a fun place for curb appeal gawking.

Historical or Herstorical, Their Curbs Tell It

san francisco victorian homes curb appeal

Probably the most apparent characteristic of the homes in San Francisco is their historical charm. The city and the residents have done a great job maintaining and embracing the historical charm of its homes. I suppose whether or not the residents want that, the city is notorious for ferociously protecting the historical curb appeal of its Victorian lined streets. It seems to be working well for them. Also, that means for all of us 80’s and 90’s children, the exterior look of the original Full House home on Broderick street will forever be protected. Yassss!

Plants Acting Like Architecture

tropical home entryway with curb appeal

I don’t know how they do it but the plants on almost every single home feel as solid and historical as the buildings they adorn. Almost as if there were a part of the architecture of the home. I couldn’t help but sneak a peek into some private gardens and walkways like this one as we roamed. This jungalow style curb appeal was by far my favorite. Can you not just see yourself sitting out there with a cup of freshly brewed iced tea watching the sun change the shadows of the palms and birds of paradise? I’m in!

“We aren’t afraid of color!”

brightly colored home with curb appeal

That’s what many of the homes said to me as I walked by them. Every home has it’s own unique color palette and, woah, is there color everywhere! This pastel pink and blue Victorian home caught my eye and the lighting was just right to capture its curb appeal in all of it’s glory! It’s also got that plant thing from above going on, too! I mean, where do trees like that even come from? Regardless, the homes here have got that color thing going on!

Unique Would Be an Understatement

vibrant home with curb appeal

If there is anything the curb appeal in San Francisco is NOT lacking, it’s uniqueness. Everywhere you turned their seems to be the touch of someone’s very unique and personal touch. We walked down Balmy Alley in the Mission District one of the days we were there. All of the garages are painted with super unique and vibrant murals. Ranging from the inspiration to the political, it’s a beautiful display of talent and expression.

Minimalism Is Well-Embraced

minimal home entryway with curb appeal

Even with all of the crazy colors, patterns and unique flair, minimalism is still embraced and quite present in the city. Take for instance this beautiful entryway lined with these simple cacti. Cacti are my thing so, naturally, I died when I saw this. When we came across these minimalistic-styled entryways, they almost stood out just as much, offering a calming pause for the eyes between the jolt of energy the other curbs had to offer.

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