Feb. 17, 2021

Color Blocking: What Is It and How To Do It Right

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Got a big old wall that makes your room feel a little blah? Have you considered color blocking? Color blocking is a relatively new design trend that seems to be popping up more now than ever before. It’s a great and affordable way to add some visual interest to any room and it can really add a fun and funky vibe to your space as well.

When I first saw this trend on Instagram, I fell in love with it. There was just one problem…I wasn’t sure where to use it and how to really pull it off. Needless to say I was intimidated. I started with one color block at our short-term rental and have since done two others. I’m obsessed! Get the details below on how to become your own color blocking master. You got this!

What Is Color Blocking?

If you’re new to the whole color blocking scene, let’s dive into the trend. It’s really quite literal (thank goodness!). Color blocking is painting a block of color or a block of pattern on a wall. Rather than painting a whole entire wall, you might see one square of paint, a circle, an arch, or really any crazy shape you can muster in your mind. I have seen it all.

How To Use Color Blocking In Your Decor

The best thing about color blocking is that you can get super creative with it. Afterall, it’s just paint and you can always cover it up and have another go at it if you need to! Below are a few places in home decor where I’ve found it to be the perfect touch!

To Define An Intimate Space


I find that creating a block of color behind a large piece of furniture is a great way to highlight it and create a total new vibe. This also seems to work really well with a reading nook with a table and chair. In the photo above, the green arch really makes our mid-century modern credenza pop and helps create some almost architectural interest around the piece. If you want to make a huge wall more intimate without going big on corner-to-corner paint, color blocking is a really fun way to do this. This is at our short-term rental, The Ollie, and our guests love it!

To Frame Wall Decor


Sometimes art and mirrors can get a little bit lost on a larger wall. Consider creating a block of color around a gallery wall or mirror to call attention to those pieces with a fun backdrop. Over the dining table at our rental, I chose to create a yellow rectangle behind some shelves to really make the decor on it pop. This was an especially great solution because that wall spans the entire length of our living area and painting the entire thing one color would have really overwhelmed our space. 

Create Architectural Interest Where There Isn’t Any


Sometimes a space just needs that je ne sais quoi! So, if you’re feeling like you want to add some architectural element in a space that’s nothing but flat walls and corners, splash some color on them and get creative with your shapes. Adding these orange bubbly arches to our long bathroom vanity really brought the sink together and made the room feel special!

Need some more inspiration? Check out my Color Blocking Pinterest Board for more!

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