Space and Habit Bathroom Cleaning Tips
Sep. 13, 2017

Keeping It Tidy: My Four Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Space and Habit Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Let’s talk dirty. Why I decided to do a post on bathroom cleaning tips, it’s unclear. The good news is that this post is going live while I am out of town. Off to the ether. Maybe I’ll forget it exists. Anyways, for those still with me…let me start with this – cleaning our bathrooms is my least favorite chore. There are so many little crevices and, don’t even get me started on the number of different surfaces that need shining. It’s just too much. Fortunately, I  delegate cleaning our bathrooms to Sky on most occasions. Now, even though Sky is the cleaner of the thrones, I still try to keep things nice and tidy to decrease the number of times we need to do a full scour. In that effort, I have discovered a few useful bathroom cleaning tips and products that work super well in day-to-day maintenance.

Bathroom Cleaning Tip #1: Rain-X is a showers best friend

This is something that totally surprised me. When we were purchasing our home and going through the inspection our inspector, George, told us to Rain-X all of the glass shower doors. Who would have? Yes, Rain-X, the stuff that you use on cars! So, if you’ve got glass doors in your bathroom give ’em a clean and a little Rain-X spritz. It will repel the gunk like a charm!

Bathroom Cleaning Tip #2: Have you heard of the Soap Lift? 

Okay this is one of my absolute favorite things. Ever been trying to take a shower in a hurry and you can’t get the soap off the darn shelf? Well, here is the dream for you. What is this, an infomercial?! But seriously, the Soap Lift is a small thing that makes the biggest difference. We have one in each of our bathrooms and it basically keeps your soap from sticking on anything or sitting in a pool of water and getting mushy. Theeeee best!

Bathroom Cleaning Tip #3: Keep a potato scrubber on hand

What?! Yes – it’s so true! All of our showers are all grout and, well, stuff builds up! We have a little potato scrubber that hides in the corner – when I notice the grout looking dirty, I just give it a scrub before I hop out. Easy as pie. This bathroom cleaning tip also eliminates the need to shower in order to clean your shower.

Bathroom Cleaning Tip #4: Fill a little spritz bottle with Windex and hide it under the sink

If you are anything like me, you make a lot of excuses NOT to clean. A big one for me is “well I am here but all of the cleaning supplies are over there”. I have definitely found that keeping the cleaning supplies in the bathrooms makes doing a quick once over of a mirror our counter that much easier. The little aromatic spritzers are great for cleaning solutions especially if you don’t have a ton of cabinet space!


What little bathroom cleaning tips are you keeping secret? Share them in the comments below!

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