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These Exclusive Brands at Are Designed to Help You Shop!

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“A zillion things home” sounds promising for the option seeker, but sometimes Wayfair’s product catalog is so massive that finding that perfect something for your home can be equivalent to searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckily for us, the furniture giant is pretty savvy when it comes to cataloguing their massive array of home products and one of their best innovations is the development of Wayfair Exclusive Brands. Get the details on these curated collections below and meet the brands and the styles they cater to!

What Are Wayfair Exclusive Brands?

Down to the basics! The term refers to a collection of items that have been carefully curated by Wayfair to represent a particular style. These products are then grouped together under a fictitious (or white labeled) “brand” that only Wayfair carries (because they made it up!).


Why Do They Have Them?

The answer to this question is likely two-fold. I’d like to think the first reason is to help their customers shop. The Wayfair catalog includes tens of millions of products and, for shoppers seeking out one look or style, it can be a lot of work to sift through so many products. The curation of sub-brands helps narrow the selection when people come to their website to shop.

The second reason? I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a margin-improving move on the company’s part. How? With the invention of exclusive brands, Wayfair has the opportunity to hide their products using the white-label trifecta: proprietary brand, proprietary names, and proprietary images. This makes it incredibly hard for their customers to cross-shop these items for better pricing online.

Does Wayfair Manufacture These Products?

The answer to this one is most likely, no. When I worked at Wayfair years ago they were exploring the manufacture of proprietary goods. While some of these products may be made by Wayfair, it’s more likely than not that  these products come from other vendors. They might negotiate an exclusive color or style that only Wayfair can sell but I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find many of the same products elsewhere online.


How Many Exclusive Brands Are There?

Based on their website at the time this post was written, there were 16 primary brands and 27 brands including kid and teen spinoffs. Check them out below grouped together by style!

French Country

Kelly Clarkson Home


Andover Mills

Three Posts




Sand & Stable


Hashtag Home

Zipcode Design

Mercury Row





Etta Avenue





Wayfair Essentials

Wayfair Basics

Wayfair Sleep

Nora by Wayfair Sleep


Functional Brands

Dotted Line

Upper Square

Sol72 Outdoor

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