Space and Habit West Elm Home Decor Fall Finds
Sep. 1, 2017

Fall Finds: West Elm Home Decor Picks

Space and Habit West Elm Home Decor Fall Finds

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you walk into a store and you suddenly want to completely re-do all of the decor in your home? Well, that just happened to me. The other day I happened to pop into our local West Elm. Unplanned! I was “running errands”. Okay, you get it – I went to be tempted. Tempted by the latest West Elm home decor spread, that is. Boy, do they have some amazing things going on right now. I obviously can’t share their entire store experience but, I did pick out a few items that really caught my eye. Right now I am only dreaming of these items in my home. But, secretly, I am hoping that one of you fine people will snatch one of these things up so that I can live vicariously through you. Until then, here are some pretty things to gawk at!

West Elm Home Decor: My Favorite Fall Finds


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