Oct. 5, 2022

These Christmas Tree Collars Break Down for Easy Storage


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Oct. 5, 2022 @ 8:53 pm

I found out the hard way that Christmas tree collars are in no way small-space friendly. If you’re considering making the switch to a tree collar, read this post first! No one told me that many of the options out there are super bulky. In fact, a lot of them need an entire closet just to themselves. Not very in-the-Christmas-spirit if you ask me! If you’re short on space but sold on style, check out these Christmas tree collars that are easy to store! Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom where I show what they look like when broken down. 

Christmas Tree Collars That Are Easy to Store

Velvet Folding Tree Colar @ Amazon

This red velvet tree collar is a breeze to put away. Simply take it off the tree, fold it up and stick it in a closet or under the bed. Easy peasy!

Silver Sequin Tree Collar @ Amazon

Another tree collar that’s easy to store this option has a plastic frame inside that breaks down into four separate pieces for wasy storage. The cloth collar cover can be folded or rolled up for storage.

Woven Basket Tree Collar @ Amazon

For a woven basket option, this one really surprised me! It also breaks down into four separate sections that easily stack.

Red Felt Tree Collar @ Target

Possible one of the most compact tree collars (and at a great price too!) this bold felt option is just a thicker fabric that can be rolled up. I also love how clean-lined and modern it is!

Red Wooden Tree Collar @ Amazon

Thought slightly more bulky than it’s counterparts, this wooden option has four panes that do break down and stack for easy storage. It does, however, take up more space than the other options listed above. 

Black Hammered Metal Tree Collar @ Amazon

This sleek hammered option also has three separate sections that come apart for easy storage. 

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