May. 29, 2017

Bungalow + Blush: Colorful Boho Prints for the Home


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Last month, as a part of S+H Picks, I featured an amazing print by California-based print shop Bungalow + Blush. In case you missed it, that print is called Hello Cactus and I’ve since acquired one for myself. After obtaining a print of my own and having been enchanted by the many others on their website, I became determined to know more about the creative mind behind the operation, Tanya Ann.

Gracefully, my invitation was accepted and Tanya and I got to know each other over the course of some fun Q&A! I have shared our conversation below and hope you enjoy getting to know her and her prints as much as I have. Also, don’t forget to check out her Instagram and her website to stay up to date with all of the great and creative things she is doing!


Hello Cactus!


Bungalow + Blush


San Diego, CA

Fun Fact:

Tanya makes a mean chocolate chip cookie. No, sadly you cannot buy them on the website!


Why did you create Bungalow + Blush?

I was looking for art prints and not finding what I wanted. I decided to create some prints for myself and I really enjoyed the creative process. I’m inspired by individuals who have turned their creativity into businesses and I wanted to do the same thing.  

What was the inspiration behind the name?

It’s a fun word combination!

What is your one goal for Bungalow + Blush?

To create colorful and playful modern bohemian prints that make you smile!

Where do you find the majority of the inspiration for your prints?

I’m inspired by nature and colors. I get the majority of my ideas when I’m sitting by the water. Desserts also factor heavily into my inspiration.

Do you have a favorite print? Which one and why?

I really love the Maillot de Bain prints! The marigold print is really cute and a great way to add yellow to your space.

What process do you use to create your prints?

I create my designs in gouache or digitally.

Tell me a little bit about your Hello Cactus! Print. What was your inspiration behind it?

I love succulents in decorative containers! They hold the same appeal as an assortment of baked goods. I wanted to create a print that reflected that. The cactus print is like a dozen donuts. Which one would you choose? 

Whether she’s finding inspiration for her prints by the water or in a donut shop, Tanya certainly does a great job of creating fun and beautiful prints that have made me smile. I especially love how minimalistic and versatile each print is. Adding a pop of color to your home is so fun and simple with these prints and they make for great gift ideas! On top of it all, Bungalow + Blush offers a great assortment of greeting cards plus a custom wedding invitation package for those of us who are feeling fancy!

A few more of my favorites…


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