Oct. 7, 2022

My Fave Clothing Brand Will Give You up to $100 for Your Old T-Shirts!


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There are over 60,000 tons of unwanted clothing being dumped in Chile’s Atacama Desert each year. So, it’s no wonder the term “fast fashion” is all abuzz lately. It’s a problem which is absolutely a global conundrum. However, I believe that the small steps we take as individuals can have a large impact over time. Oftentimes, one of the biggest hurdles for fashionistas becoming more eco-conscious is the difference in cost. Many of the clothing brands with a focus on sustainability are higher priced and out of reach. But, what if I told you there was a way to lessen that blow and get paid to recycle clothes? Let me introduce you to Re-Spun by Marine Layer!


A First Look at Marine Layer

I first encountered Marine Layer a few years ago. Not because I was seeking out more sustainable fashion but because I liked their laid-back West Coast inspired clothing. Not to mention, the general vibe in their stores just felt great. Time moved on and I found myself buying more and more from the brand. I slowly became more acquainted with Marine Layer and their efforts to be environmentally better. The brand has a number of eco-conscious initiatives in place however, one of the best incentives for customers is the Re-spun recycling program!


Marine Layer’s Re-Spun Program: Get Paid to Recycle Clothes

What is it?

Re-Spun was created by Marine Layer to “close the loop on textile waste”. The goal is to essentially interecept as many pieces of clothing waste before they hit landfills to determine one of two things: whether it can be given a second life through donation or if the fabric can be recycled and created into a new piece of clothing. So far the brand claims to have diverted over 400,000 t-shirts from winding up in landfills. I think that’s a great start!

How does it work?

So, what is the Re-Spun process and how can you get paid to recycle your old clothes? Marine Layer couldn’t make it easier. I’ve outlined the program process below!

Step 1: Bring In Your Old Tees

Bring your old tees into a store location or request a free recycling kit if you’d like to send in your tees via mail. Yeah, it’s that simple!

Step 2: Get a $5 Credit for Each Tee Donated

You will earn a $5 in-store credit per donated tee up to $25 dollars (you can give them as many tees as you’d like, however!). You can repeat this process up to four times per year for a maximum annual credit amount of $100.

Step 3: The Tees Get Broken Down for Recycling

Your old tees are then sent off by Marine Layer to be processed and recycled!

Step 4: The Old Stuff Gets a New Life!

New products are then created from your donations. They even have a line of Re-Spun products which are made from the recycled materials. Cotton is the easiest fabric to recycle but when they can’t make new clothes they donate materials to be recycled into housing materials and other items.


It’s That Easy to Get Paid to Recycle Old Clothes!

So, it’s that easy! Marine Layer makes it so simple to earn a little extra money toward a more sustainable wardrobe with their Re-Spun program! If you’re looking to support a company that’s continuosly taking moves to be more earth-friendly, I can’t speak highly enough of this brand!

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

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