Oct. 4, 2022

My Green Juice Routine & Benefits I’ve Noticed After One Year


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Last summer we had a friend come and visit for a week. They’re one of my best friends and the type of person who is so incredibly busy but has everything so well put together. One of the things I love most about their together-ness is the fact that they put a ton of thought and research into everything they do – including what they put in their body! So, I was obviously intrigued when they whipped out their traveling stash of green juice and offered some to me the first morning of their visit.

I didn’t think much of the exchange the first day but, as the days went on, I started to feel some pretty immediate benefits of the morning sludge routine and I was hooked! I ordered my first batch and haven’t looked back since. Now, I have my own traveling stash, too! So, check out some of the changes and benefits I’ve noticed over a year later followed by the green juice I love and my own routine.

This post is based on my experience alone and is not intended to offer medical advice. If you’re not sure whether green juice is right for you or not, you should definitely speak to your doctor about it.


Green Juice Benefits I’ve Noticed

I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical of the green drink divas. The stuff is expensive, not all of it tastes great, and it’s an extra step to add to my morning routine. But, having experienced so many benefits, I’ve found the investment of time and money to be totally worth it. Here’s what I’ve noticed over the past year:

My energy levels have improved

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved a good nap. Maybe a part of that is to blame on my time in Spain where I easily fell into the siesta culture (who wouldn’t?), but who am I to say? In addition, I’ve always been a pretty early riser and a sweet afternoon sleep has a way of carrying me to the end of the day. While coffee gives me that rushed little bump of energy in the morning, I’ve found my green juice gives me a less-fidgety boost of fuel that lasts for a better portion of the day. Since starting my green routine, there have honestly been days when I’ve opted out of the opportunity to nap altogether. GASP!

My gut seems a lot happier

While most people wouldn’t describe me as normal, I would classify myself as a fairly regular person. If you catch my drift… However, even though my daily movements have been smooth and swift, I often had a stomach that wasn’t always a happy camper. My new daily routine has led to fewer instances of feeling achy or bloat-y in the abdominal region and I can’t say that I have any complaints. 

Green juice is a pretty quick hangover cure

While I’m no longer a clubbing college student, I do still enjoy a good night of wine. Although, as I’ve gotten older (specifically since the exact moment I turned 30), I’ve found that wine is less kind and comes with a good old dose of morning-after grog that is less than pleasant. On those tougher mornings when I wake up feeling a little less than perky I find the my glass of green juice takes the edge off of any dealings from the night before.


My Favorite Green Juice

I’ve stuck with the same green juice powder since day one. However, I did run out one time and grabbed some other disgusting green drink at Whole Foods and was sorrily disappointed. Does that make me a green juice sommelier? Well, probably not. But why fix it if it’s not broken? The brew below is the one I find has an exceptional taste and has given me all of the benefits I shared above!

Touchstone Essentials Super Green Juice



My Routine

There’s no right or wrong way to juice and you’ll find your own groove. Personally, I like to have my green juice first thing in the morning before I’ve had anything else to eat or drink. I mix one scoop of green juice powder with 12 ounces of water (hint: using a milk-frother to mix the powder helps reduce the clumps! Thanks for the top @leloboho! ). Then I just sip on it while I go through the rest of my morning and follow it up with my cup of coffee! It’s seriously that easy. For the fabulous body benefits I’ve noticed, I think that’s prett easy!

Are you a green juice groupie?

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  1. Kelly

    Love this, great tip on the frother! I’m a green juice groupie too!


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