Sep. 27, 2022

I Made the Switch to Blueland’s Body Wash: Here’s My Review


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Oct. 3, 2022 @ 3:20 pm

If you haven’t already heard, the popular Shark Tank brand, Blueland, dropped yet another plastic-ridding product just a few months ago. The release of their new body wash brings the brand into a spanking new category: earth-conscious personal care.

When COVID first appeared, I started a personal adventure to reduce my personal plastic use.  This is when I was first became acquainted with the single-use-bottle-banning brand and I have been a fan ever since. The addition of a body wash to their brand of eco-friendly products could not have been more timely. I had just emptied my last single-use bottle and was eager to move off of bath products that require the overly-difficult cleaning process and ill-fated hopes of a future life through recycling.

I’ve been using the Blueland Body Wash for about four months now and, as someone who is particular about what they put on their body, I’m here to say that I think this new product is as big of a win for me as it is for the environment. Get my honest Blueland Body Wash review below!


 First, the Details

How much does it cost?

To start, the Blueland Body Wash Started Kit is just $16 dollars. That kit includes one forever bottle and one packet of dry body wash powder. The powder comes in three different scents: Waterlily Dew, Raspberry Hibiscus, and Sandalwood Sage.

After you purchase the starter pack, you can buy individual packets of your favorite scents for just $9 (however, you get 20% off if you buy the pack of three.).

How does it work?

To mix the body wash, you simply fill the bottle with water to the dot marked on its side, pour in the mixture and let it sit for about an hour so. This time allows the wash to thicken up a bit. Each packet makes about 18 ounces of body wash. Between me and my husband, I’ve found that this lasts about one month (we each shower at least once per day!).

  What I Love About It

The Environmental Friendliness

I must first say that I would never have scouted out this product if it weren’t for the fact that this brand utilizes reusable bottles and works to reduce emissions by not shipping water weight. I love, first and foremost, that it’s a little easier on our planet.

The Use of Clean Ingredients

Blueland’s products are all made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or VOCs. Additionally, their ingredients are vegan and planet friendly. I love knowing that I am putting clean products on my body that are also better for our environment. 

The Scent Options

At this point I’ve used all three of their scents and I really love them all. I will say that their Sandalwood sage is definitely my favorite but when it’s time to mix up a new bottle, I never mind switching it up with the Waterlily Dew and Raspberry Hibiscus options.

Making the Mix Is A Lot of Fun

As a kid who grew up making many “potions”, I can’t say that putting the water and powder together and watching the mix “brew” isn’t any fun. I actually really love it!


What Could Be Improved

I’ve got to hand it to Blueland, for a powder-based, environmentally friendly body wash, I think they’ve done a pretty stellar job. Here are a few improvements I’m hoping for in the future.

A More Luxurious Lather

While the body wash solution is really quite nice, it doesn’t foam like other body washes that I’ve used in the path. It’s still goes on nicely and feels good on my skin but I think it could stand to feel a little more luxurious.

Better “Spread”

I’m not sure if “spread” is the technical term, but I do end up feeling like I need to use a larger quantity of the Blueland Body wash compared to the Aveda product I was using before. That being said with Blueland you get twice as much product at half the cost so I guess it evens out!


Have you used Blueland’s body wash? What did you think? Scroll to share in the comments below!

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