Sep. 23, 2022

Have You Spotted the Christmas Decorations at HomeGoods Yet?


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Oct. 12, 2022 @ 12:46 pm

Well, it’s official! I was in my local HomeGoods today and there it was…the creeping in’s of Christmas. That’s right, HomeGoods Christmas decorations have already made their way onto shelves and they’re slowly starting to take over the cute little pumpkins and spooky skeletons dotting stores. Want to know more about decoration shopping at HomeGoods? Check out the details below!


The Scoop on HomeGoods Christmas Decorations

Most savvy shoppers are keenly aware of the fact that HomeGoods is one of the best places to get holiday decorations on a budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a festive feast, decking the halls with some bright baubles, or simply looking for that special gift, chances are, HomeGoods has something you can work with! So, when can you find the best Christmas decorations, what are the best items to purchase, and how do you get the best deals? Keep on reading to learn more!

When does Homegoods get Christmas decorations?

Generally speaking, HomeGoods starts to put their Christmas decorations out a week or two before October. In 2022, I started to see small collections of Christmas decorations go out on shelves the week of September 19th. You can expect HomeGoods to go full fledged Christmas after the fall shopping season ends – usually the week of Halloween.

Update: It seems like holidays are arriving even sooner than anticipated! Check out the spread at my local Homegoods as of Oct. 11th! It’s like Halloween came and went and Santa’s taking over!



What kind of items can you expect to find?

One of the great things about HomeGoods is their magnitude of options. Earlier in the season you’ll mostly find smaller accents such as decorations, soap pumps, hand towels, etc. As the true Christmas shopping seasons arrives you’ll see larger items such as outdoor decorations, pillows, and even full on Christmas trees!



When is the best time to buy holiday decorations at HomeGoods?

The best time to purchase holiday decorations is right after Thanksgiving. By this time HomeGoods will have most of their holiday inventory out on shelves and there will be plenty of options to choose from. As the days get closer to Christmas, options will be limited and they will no longer be filling shelves. 


Does Homegoods sell holiday decorations online?

Yes! HomeGoods has an entire ecommerce website where you can shop a large selection of holiday decorations! They’ll even give you free shipping with orders of $119 or more! Shop using the button below.

How to get the best holiday deals at HomeGoods

Because HomeGoods discounts their products heavily throughout the year they don’t typically do Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. However, if you are looking to score great deals on holiday decorations the best time to shop is after the seasons has ended and products get clearanced out. Keep in mind that your options may be more limited. So, if you see something you love, it might be better to snag it right away!



What Christmas decorations are you hoping to find at HomeGoods this year? Scroll down to comment.

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