Jan. 25, 2021

Is the Smeg Coffee Maker Worth the Splurge? My Honest Review


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I am a huge coffee drinker. Like, don’t even talk to me before I’ve had my first cup in the morning. If you’ve read any of this blog then it probably comes as no surprise to you that when I came across the ever-popular Smeg coffee maker, I was smitten! We had had our Kitchen Aid coffee maker for about four years at that point. It was cute and all and it made okay coffee but with the Smeg, it was truly love at first sight! There was just one glaring question I had…was this coffee maker worth the near $250 pricetag? If you’re thinking about splurging, read more below first!


Is the Smeg coffee maker worth the pricetag?

So, spoiler: I went ahead and bought it! I had some AMEX points that were built up and decided it was worth a try given it was “free” (that’s what I tell myself when I use points!). We’ve had our Smeg coffee maker for about 6 months now and I’m going to give you the skinny. What I love about it, what I don’t and all of the in between! Let’s get started!

Love It: It’s Cute!

Well of course, that’s why we’re here isn’t it? Smeg appliances definitely have curb appeal. This coffee maker looks so stinking cute on our countertop and I love looking at it’s fun and retro style every morning.

Love It: You Can Turn Off the Beep

Being able to silence the beep is a game changer! Our Kitchen Aid coffee maker could not be silenced and it was super annoying because our dogs would hear it and pounce on us to get up and get going. I love that this coffee maker lets you silence the beep. You know, for those mornings when you just want that extra ten minutes of sleep!

Love It: You Can Control Brew Strength

Strong coffee is my jam and I love that this coffee maker let’s you set the strength of your brew. There are two different settings. One bean for normal strength and two beans for a nice cup that will give you that morning punch you need!

Love It: It Keeps Coffee Super Hot

There’s nothing worse than having to reheat your first cup of coffee in the morning. I love that the Smeg coffee pot heat plate is super hot. Like scalding! Sounds scary but I like my mug to steam in the mornings!

Love It: It Has a 4-Cup Mode

Sometimes I wake up a little bit earlier than my husband. Rather than making a full pot and having it shut off and cold when he comes to get a cup, I use the 4 cup setting that only makes what I need and leaves the rest in there for when he is ready. It’s a nice feature and keeps us both happy!


Love It: It’s Programmable

Obviously, I would not have bought this coffee maker if it didn’t have a programmable setting. I like my cup of coffee to be ready when I am up! Maybe a standard for most coffee make conoissiers but I definitely had to throw this in there!

Hate It: It’s a Challenge to Fill the Water

This is an aspect of the Smeg coffee maker that is such a bummer. I don’t know how they sent the thing to be manufactured with this flaw. In short, it’s a challenge to fill the water tank. The opening for the water is so small and the coffee pot spout doesn’t quite work so well with the shape. We’ve figured out our own groove and have worked around it but it’s probably this product’s biggest flaw.

Hate It: The Gray Color Gets Dirty

The accent color for most Smeg appliances is a beautiful light gray. It looks really nice but, with dark and oily coffee, the crevices tend to get dirty quickly. It washes off nicely but black may have been a better choice.

I would buy it again!

Altogether, I think that the Smeg Coffee Maker is pretty great! It has a few design flaws that could definitely be improved but I love the look and love some of it’s functions compared to other coffee makers I’ve owned. While $200 is definitely a lot to spend when you can get a Mr. Coffee for $20, I use the thing every single day and considered it a definite gift to myself!


Which Color Would You Choose?

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