Feb. 1, 2021

Samsung Frame TV Review: A Designer’s Telivision


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Us decorators know…if there’s one thing to hate, it’s an ugly television stealing the thunder from our homemaking efforts. When we moved into this house, I was adamant about not having a television in our living room. We already had one in the den, the fireplace was a centerpiece and it just wasn’t going to happen. That being said, we were also never using our living room, the largest room in our house. Fast forward to us planning our lives around adoption – we decided that it was time to expand into the space. So, you got it…television it was! We recently redid our entire fireplace area, added new shelving and a mantle. It looks stunning (more to come!)! We found the perfect spot to add the TV and I knew which one I wanted: The Samsung Frame TV.

Okay, so the Frame TV was definitely a splurge! I had my husband look over the specifications and the reviews and we ordered it on Amazon. We’ve used it every single night since and I’m learning its ins and outs. If you are thinking about getting this art-like companion for your home, here is my honest Samsung Frame TV review for you!

Honest Truth: I use links and images on my blog that may lead to me earning a commission at no extra cost to you. It's what keeps the Space + Habit lights on! Please know that all product selections, comments and reviews are 100% my own and 100% genuine.

Things I Love About Our Samsung Frame TV

Let’s start with the easy part! A review of things that I love about our Samsung Frame TV and some really great reasons to invest in one of your own.

It Has Really Clean Edges and A Beautiful Shape

One thing I didn’t realize when we purchased it was how beautiful the actual shape of the television would be. It has squared off and uniform edges and the back is totally flat from a peripheral view. So many TVs these days are skinny at the top, wide on the bottom and it often times allows for unsightly views of cords and equipment. It also comes with a charcoal “frame” that is really sleek (this is the option we selected). You have the option of selecting between charcoal, black, beige, brown or white. There are also plenty of third party fancy options!

It Sits Perfectly Flush Against the Wall


This TV is perfectly designed to sit almost perfectly flush against the wall it hangs on. Ours juts out a little because we had to use a special mount, but it will sit nice and snug otherwise! Samsung has engineered a special flat mount (that comes with the TV!) to hang it up so it looks like a true frame hanging horizontally on your wall. They even have a little channel cut in that allows you to snake the power cord through. The overall depth of the tv is about 2″ which is how far it sites from the wall.

It’s A Smart TV With All My Favorite Apps

We are big smart TV people and have been pleasantly surprised with the apps you can get on the Samsung Frame. While we’ve only downloaded Netflix, HBO Max, YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney+ and Spotify, there are plenty of other popular streaming services available.  

Its Art Mode Is A Clever Disguise


Art Mode on the Samsung TV is the real game changer! You probably didn’t even notice it in the main image. See it now on the left hand side? I love that you can put up a digital work of art and have it mask the dark screen from your decor. This was the main reason we bought this TV and, for the most part, it hasn’t disappointed! You can purchase art or upload your own collection and photos. You can also crop, mat and filter your art right in the mobile app.

It’s Art Mode Is Also Smart

Along with the fun Art Mode, it has smart features that know when to turn the Art Mode on and off based on light and motion in the room. This is super great because I initially thought I’d be turning the art on and off everyday. However, it goes off at night when we turn the lights out and comes on in the morning with sunrise! These options are, of course, customizable to your liking.

It Has An Ambient Mode That Works

I’ve never had a TV with ambient brightness and ambient sound. What this means is that the TV senses light and sound and auto-adjusts settings to optimize it for your room at any given moment. For built-in speakers, it has some pretty great sound quality.

Its Screen Is Anti-Glare

The Sony TV we have in our Den has a SUPER shiny screen. I love that the Samsung Frame has a great matte screen finish which elimates most reflections. This is especially great because our living room gets a ton of light!

It Has A Cute and Sleek Remote


I was really impressed with how small the Samsung Frame TV remote is. It’s a bright white with minimal buttons yet everything you need is there. I love that it tucks nicely onto the tray on our living room ottoman.

It Works With VESA TV Mounts


While it comes with a flat mount, if you want to pivot your TV or have an odd space (like we did) it’s good to know that the Samsung Frame works with VESA TV mounts! Samsung also sells a fun studio stand for this TV if you prefer to keep it on the ground!

Things That Are Good to Know Before Buying

Here are a few discoveries we made that are definitely good to know before you make your own investment into the Samsung Frame TV.

It Comes With A TV “Box”


We discovered this in some product listing before we purchased it, but the Samsung Frame TV actually relies on a detached box to operate. The black box pictured above is roughly 14″ wide, 6″ deep, and 2.5″ high. This is where all of your power, consoles, cable, internet, etc. plug in. Keep in mind, with this TV, you’ll need a good place nearby to set this little box. All that said, the TV includes one transparent cable that carries all of this to the screen which is pretty impressive!

It Doesn’t Have Preloaded Artwork

I guess we were silly and assumed that the Samsung Frame TV would come with all of the beautiful artwork you see in its product photos. On the contrary, there is no preloaded artwork and the artwork they have available is on a monthly subscription plan. I wasn’t down for yet another susbcription at the moment so I created some of my own art in Canva and downloaded a few from Etsy. 

All-in-All It Was Worth It!

There you have it: My Samsung Frame TV review. Overall, I am super happy with our decision to purchase this TV for our room. While we mostly chose this TV for its aesthetic qualities, it certainly hasn’t let us down in terms of its functionality, either!

Check Out the Samsung Frame TV!

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