Apr. 26, 2017

5 Houseplants You Can Buy Online


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When it comes to houseplants, I am the equivalent of  a crazy cat lady. In fact, I can’t actually tell you how many houseplants there are in our home right now. I can, however, tell you that every Saturday I spend half an hour tending to our plants. That should say something. From air plants to six foot tall fiddle leaf fig trees, we’ve got it all. The worst part is I continue to buy more of them. Even more dangerous is the fact that you can actually buy a decent number of living plants online. I have ordered three at this point from Amazon and have had relatively good success with them! So, if you are looking for some special foliage but don’t know where to turn, have no fear. Here are five houseplants you can buy  on Amazon right now.


Fiddle Leaf Fig


How beautiful is this little fiddle leaf fig? And you’ll never guess how much it is. $30. CRAZINESS! I was in a local nursery this past weekend and a fiddle leaf fig half this size was going for $60. Definitely a fun plant to accent your home with. We have two tree versions of this plant in our home right now. Tips? Definitely don’t overwater it. My blurb above says I water plants every week but, sometimes, I actually skip the watering of my FLF if they are still moist. Remember that plants recover better from under watering than they do from overwatering.



Mother In Law’s Tongue


Who doesn’t love the name of this plant? Fortunately my mother-in-law is AWESOME! This is a great houseplant for those low light corners of your home. We have had a Mother In Law’s tongue in the middle of our living room for over six months now. It is thriving and has even begun to sprout some new spears. Definitely a great houseplant to buy online and stick in those dark corners!





The Dracaena is another fun houseplant you can buy online that I refer to as the “firework” plant. It’s got that fun flair that ads a punch of mid-century to any design space. Sadly, this is one of those plants that isn’t friendly to our furry friends. If you’ve got pups, keep it out of their path!



Arabica Coffee Plant


Have you ever wanted to produce your own coffee? Jokes, that’s a little dramatic. Sadly, I have had two of these houseplants and never seen a single bean of coffee. That being said, it is really cool to have a coffee plant in your home and to see how they grow. We placed ours in our bathroom where it gets a little humidity from the shower. It’s a unique-looking houseplant with a fun story to share.





Pick up any design catalog lately and you’ll know that the monstera is ever popular right now. This is a fun houseplant that tugs on those tropical strings surfing through the design world these days. We have a little puppy running around in our home which is why we don’t have one of these babies. A word of caution, they are quite poisonous to animals. If you’ve got a furry friend in your home, try and place these in a place where it can’t be reached!


Five fun and, relatively, affordable houseplants you can buy online. Looking for a fun way to pot your new foliage friends? Head on over to my previous blog post and check out a fun and easy way to add some pizzazz to your planted friends!

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