Apr. 9, 2020

Cheap Mid-Century Modern Sofas From Amazon

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A mid-century modern vibe in the home is one of my absolute favorite looks. It’s cozy, thoughtfully vintage and just has a way of welcoming you in with open arms. But, holy smokes can it get expensive! Whether you’re looking at new furniture or true vintage pieces, people are on to the trend and they know the demand is there. Today I set out to find some mid-century modern inspired sofas that won’t break the bank. All of these cuties are from Amazon, have 4+ star reviews and…the best part…are all less than $500! I’ve got to say, I was pretty impressed with what they had to offer. As always with Amazon, check out customer photos, read about the materials and do your homework before making the purchase. Here are my favorite cheap mid-century modern sofas from Amazon. 

Honest Truth: I use links and images on my blog that may lead to me earning a commission at no extra cost to you. It's what keeps the Space + Habit lights on! Please know that all product selections, comments and reviews are 100% my own and 100% genuine.

My Favorite Cheap Mid-Century Modern Sofas From Amazon

The Sophisticated Study

Doesn’t it just seem like this should be in a walnut lined library looking out a bay window with a beautiful fiddle-leaf fig? I can see it!

Bring Me Another Manhattan

I love the idea of getting gussied up, kicking those legs up and sipping a Manhattan in this burnt orange beauty.

En La Oficina

Paired with one of my favorite stylish filing cabinets, this bolster-pillowed perfection would do all but keep me focused on my work.

Marvelously Multipurpose

This minimal navy sofa doubles as a bed for guests. Perfect for a small space or for an office that doubles as a guest room.

You Can’t Teal Anybody About This One

I love that this sofa is simple in style but so powerful with its pop of color. Paired with a white marble coffee table, this sofa would be a show stopper!

Legs For Days

I love the orange fabric paired with the classic mid-century modern wood legs in light wood on this fun little love seat.

Keeping Things Neutral

This is such a versatile sofa you could fit it into almost any design scheme. This one would be fun to style with fun patterned and colorful pillows.

Wood You Mind If I Took A Seat?

Loving the wood frame and tufted back on this fun mid-century modern sofa. 

I Wood Love If You Took A Seat!

Okay, this one is similar to that above but I love the variation in the fabric color and the difference in the tufting!

I Was Mint For This

This could be my ultimate favorite (best for last, am I right?). Something about the coolness of this mint velvet paired with those skinny brass legs just makes me happy!

See anything you’re interested in? I’m telling you, the more you dig on Amazon, the better things you find. Let me know in the comments section below which sofa you buy or which one you’ve discovered that I didn’t mention! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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