Sep. 23, 2022

We Asked: What’s the Best Gift You Received as a New Parent?


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Have you ever gone online and done this simple search: “best gifts for new parents”? Holy sh*t are there a lot of options. If you didn’t already know that there was an entire baby products sub-economy in operation, I’m here to tell that the rumors are true. Never did I realize this more than when we welcomed our own child into our family. I think the blog wars on which washcloths are best for your baby are just about where I lost my cool. As my grandma used to say “too many butts in the kitchen”. But, if that taught me anything it’s that some butts are better than others.

In an effort to clear the air I went right to the source. I reached out to my Instagram followers who parent for their opinion on the big question: what are the best gifts for new parents? I was surprised to find that many of the best gifts weren’t things but support. Check out the most popular answers below!

Best Gifts for New Parents

Your Time

The number one best gift for new parents? Time! As someone who has a 7-month year old biting at my feet this very moment, it makes sense! Many parents said that the most helpful gift they received as a new parent was the support of family and friends. Whether people stopped by to cook, tidy up, or keep an eye over baby, it was one of the most-recommended gift ideas! All these tasks help parents get some time back and, let’s face it, they’re probably using it to catch up on some much-needed shut-eye. It’s a win-win: parents get the support they need and you get to spend some special time with a brand new human!

A Memorable Piece of Jewelry

One of my followers shared a special piece of jewelry they received after bringing home their bundle of joy. They went so far to tell me they hardly ever take it off. Looking for some place to get started? Check out Magal – they have some amazing pieces of jewelry that can be personalized with names and birthstones! While we didn’t receive these when our baby was born, we did have them created with our three names for Father’s Day!


The Baby Susher

One product-specific recommendation for new parents is the Shusher. If you haven’t heard of this parent applauded product, it’s supposedly a game changer. What does it do? It’s essentially a speaker that softly shushes and helps sooth babies (and may even put them to sleep!). While we opted to torture ourselves and not use too many soothing devices early on, I know that parents swear by it! Check it out below!

A Little Extra Money

Let’s be real, we could all use a little extra dough! One of the best gifts for new parents mentioned was some extra money for things like; a babymoon, professional family portraits, and all around financial support. We know that diapers and formula alone constitute a monthly mortgage so some extra baby bucks are sure to help out any new family!

Food Delivery Gift Cards

No time to stop by and help your friend or relative cook? Another follower mentioned food delivery gift cards as a great option for new parents. Think GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats! In all honesty, this is probably one of my personal favorite recommendations. Not only is it hard to find the energy to cook but finding the time to prep all of the ingredients is a challenge, too!

Thanks for the Recommendations!

If you sent in your thoughts on my Instagram story, thanks so much for contributing!

Miss out on the poll? Have no fear, scroll down and share the best gift you received as a new parent in the comments below!


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