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  • boho bedroom decor
Electrical cords drive anyone else nuts? They drive me absolutely crazy! The moment I see any type of cord sticking out, it feels like absolute clutter – plain mess. In fact, I have gone to some pretty extensive lengths to hide cords in our home. From drilling holes in furniture to painting cords, it’s always......
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  • morning cup of coffee
Coffee is an essential part of our morning ritual. Trust me when I say you’d have difficulty trying to find me in a bouncy mood if I haven’t had my cup of coffee. On a typical morning you can see us drinking the Buona Giornata Italian Roast from Whole Foods. It’s makes a decent cup......
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  • san francisco curb appeal
So, you may have noticed its been almost two weeks now since my last post! Damn! I was doing so well! But, hello! I am back and have some fun things to share from our recent trip to California! Here’s the first of what will likely be more to come. If there is any place......
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  • space-habit-mid-century-modern-kilim-rug
But, actually, who doesn’t love a beautiful area rug? Living in a home with solid wood floors, there’s something about a rug that just cozies up a large space. We have a lot of different rug types in our home. From shag to jute to cowhide, we cover almost every rug base. However, of all the rugs......
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