morning cup of coffee
Jun. 27, 2017

Morning Coffee: Five Things I Do to Jazz It Up In the AM

morning cup of coffee

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Coffee is an essential part of our morning ritual. Trust me when I say you’d have difficulty trying to find me in a bouncy mood if I haven’t had my cup of coffee. On a typical morning you can see us drinking the Buona Giornata Italian Roast from Whole Foods. It’s makes a decent cup of coffee and it does the caffeine trick! There are some days, though, when you just need that extra something in your coffee to give you a little more pizazz to your day. Throughout the years, I’ve learned a few coffee tricks from my mom, made a few up myself and experimented with what I liked best. I hope you enjoy a few of my morning coffee spice-it-up tactics! Happy sipping!

A Touch of Cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to my coffee is something I do on a daily basis. Not only does it add a nice, subtle flavor to your coffee, it also makes the coffee smoother and has some known health benefits to it (added bonus!). We sprinkle a little of it on the bottom of our filter before brewing. Another option is to simply add it directly into your coffee after it’s brewed!

Agave as Sweetener

This is a relatively new coffee addition for us. You see this one a lot in coffee shops but we never thought to take it home for ourselves until recently. Using agave nectar in your morning coffee is a great way to switch up your sweetener! Another alternative that we use to sweeten our coffee is raw sugar!

Surprisingly, Evaporated Milk

So, this one may seem a little weird but, I swear, it’s pretty delicious! Try adding a little evaporate milk to your coffee and see how you like it! It has a little something that regular milk/half and half doesn’t have. I will say it makes your coffee more rich and velvety! Not something I have all of the time but certainly when I want a little treat!

Shaken with Mint

Here’s a good one for those hot days when you need an iced coffee. Try muddling a little but of mint before pouring your coffee over it. This combines super well with a touch of Agave nectar. A splash of milk and you’ve got your very own mint iced coffee. Anyone ever been to Philz Coffee in California? Can I get an amen for the Mint Mojito?!

Experiment With the Brew

I definitely don’t consider myself to be a coffee snob but I will say there is a lot to be said for how you brew your coffee. About six months ago we got our first coffee maker. It’s an amazing Kitchen Aid coffee maker and it makes a pretty good cup of coffee. But before that, my Bodum French Press was the only thing I relied on for 5 years! Don’t be afraid to experiment with some of the different ways of brewing coffee. Whether that be pour-over, air pressed or otherwise!

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