Space and Habit Fall Drink Recipes Rosemary Baby Serious Eats
Oct. 9, 2017

Crisp Sips: Fall for these Autumn Drink Recipes

Space and Habit Fall Drink Recipes Rosemary Baby Serious Eats

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It may be in the 70’s and raining over here in Boston and I may or may not have broken a sweat while vacuuming the house yesterday but, let’s be real for a second… that bone-chilling, nose hair-freezing chill is on it’s way into town and we can’t deny it. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it right now but, just like every year, we know it’s going to swoop in and have a little chat with us. It will say, “buck up, add some layers and warm your bones with a stiff drink”. While the actual day of the freeze is looming and unknown, there’s still plenty of time to plan and stock up for some fun drinks to warm and entertain. So grab a sweater, turn the Sweater Weather up and check out a few of my favorite fall drink recipes from the web.

Rosemary, Baby!

Space and Habit Fall Drink Recipes Rosemary Baby Serious Eats

Recipe: Serious Eats | Image: Space + Habit

If you’re looking for a well balanced and herbal sip to ease into the fall Aperol Spritz inspired herbal punch from Serious Eats is a perfect way to pep your step. The recipe is created with party proportions so get ready to entertain and great the season with friends and family!

Smashing Pumpkin

Space and Habit Fall Drink Recipes Smashing Pumpkin

Recipe: | Image:

I mean, if a name like Smashing Pumpkin doesn’t fit the theme, I don’t know what does. Greet Linus and the Great Pumpkin with this colorful treat from featuring a homemade lemon-pumpkin soda serve it tall and with a bay leaf to get a little fancy. You’ll have Charlie Brown saying “I got it on the rocks”.

The Harvest

Space and Habit Fall Drink Recipes The Harvest

Recipe: Celeste | Image: Town and Country

Cinnamon apply for days. From the ingredients of this delight fall drink recipe to the the amazing look of its amber coloring, this one is meant for a classy evening at home with candles in every corner and good and fun company. Enjoy it up with a classic cocktail cherry, cross your legs in that fancy garb and say “what a harvest”.

Maple Bourbon, Darling

Space and Habit Fall Drink Recipes Maple Bourbon

Recipe: Jelly Toast | Image: Jelly Toast

Make it a maple bourbon, darling. Okay so maybe I added the “darling” to the title but for a fall drink recipe that packs such a punch I needed something to soften it out. Not for the faint of heart but sure to warm you bones. Jelly Toast sweetens this classic spirit by adding a twist of fall with a few dashes of maple syrup.

Brandy Alexander

Space and Habit Fall Drink Recipes Brandy Alexander

Recipe: | Image:

A good drink that bridges the gap between the fall and the winter with a little dash of nutmeg. The Brandy Alexander from is a thick and creamy fall delight. Sip it with some appetizers or enjoy it as an after dinner desert drink. I don’t know why but I think this would be oh so lovely sitting on the porch on a crisp fall night with the scent of pumpkin pie baking in the background. A boy can dream!


Looking for another fabulous fall cocktail option? I might have said it was perfect for summer hey, who says sangria can’t be had in the fall! Check out my sangria recipe! Happy and responsible sipping!

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