Space and Habit Weekend Weakness Organic Minimalism
Feb. 2, 2018

Weekend Weakness: Organic + Minimal

Space and Habit Weekend Weakness Organic Minimalism

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This week’s weekend weaknesses are all about those organic materials and minimalistic shapes. I think it may be because I am here in Arizona working on our Santa Fe.  It’s something about being in the middle of the Sonoran desert surrounded by beautiful cacti while working on our home renovation that has me wanting things to be simple and natural. Below are five organic and minimal finds that I’m diggin’ this week – I hope that you enjoy them!

Scandi Boho Lamp Lovin’

Loving this little Anthro light and what they’ve done with the lampshade (maybe a good DIY?!)! It’s got a little Scandinavian, a little mid-century modern and some desert boho going on and I’m wondering where I could put it…

Stunningly Simplified 

So here’s one that I missed from one of my favorite stores! This sleek coffee table is from World Market. I love how it manages to be stunning yet simplified. The sides are antiqued brass and the top mirrored. Other than the horrors of keeping this coffee table clean, it’s a great piece for a room that gets a lot of traffic (no shins knocking into sharp corners!).

A Little Bit Of Brass


I have something to confess… this faucet is so much of a weakness that I already caved and purchased it. It may or may not already be installed in our new home with our new counters. But, how beautiful is this Delta faucet? It’s sleek and minimal and even has a pull out spray thing…what are those called? Can’t wait to share what ours looks like with you all!

Gold + Concrete Harmony

I think this one winked at me on the web because of the little cactus. I legit was staring at one of the Saguaros at our new home today thinking “oh my gosh I own that!”. Then I got real spiritual (because I’m carazy) and was like “do I own it, or does it own me?”. Anywho, wouldn’t this look great on that round coffee table?

Hues Of Blues

I am always wanting to add more blues into our home but really struggle with it sometimes. This kilim pillow is a perfect way to add a subtle touch. I love that it’s such a deep blue section and it’s perfectly balanced out by the gray and white strips.

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