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Aug. 26, 2018

Patio Clean Up: A Day With My Power Washer

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Nothing speaks more to my inner macho man than a good power tool. And, yes, I say “inner” because…have you seen these chicken limbs?! Having the right power tool to cut that solid piece of wood or drill into concrete to hang a fifty pound mirror (for example 🙄) can be a game changer. If you’ve followed along with my blog or Instagram these past few months, you’ll know that we recently moved into a new old home. As many of my fellow renovators know well, the work is never ending. You basically need many, many power tools (plus coffee, and meditation) to get down the endless rabbit hole of projects. But, progress, right?

So, imagine my macho man adrenaline when my friends over at WORX reached out to ask if I was interested in trying out their Hydroshot power washer. Me?! A power washer – I mean, could anyone trust me with such a thing?! Well, they did and I’ve had a few days to spend with this fun and effective apparatus. Let me tell you, there are so many different ways to use it! And, lucky for me, it doesn’t require a blade or a wobbly stool, thus gains the immediate support of Sky.

The timing of receiving my Hydroshot Bundle could not have been better. We just had a crazy storm that muddied our back patio this last week and it needed major help. These storms are SAVAGE. I almost ate sh*t there was so much mud. Cacti were bent, new landscape were created with the gravel that was moved. It was just a mess. I spent the day Friday using our WORX Hydroshot to clean everything up and it was an amazingly helpful tool and it’s cordless!! Here’s where this new power tool helped me the most – let’s get giffy with it…

P.S. Don’t miss the tidbit about the GIVEAWAY at the end!

Spicing Up That Grout

The gem of a Hydroshot worked wonders on our outside grout. I don’t think this tile had ever been cleaned and I could legit see the decades of dirt float away. Talk about instant gratification. I could hardly keep my Birkencrock covered feet still!!

Space And Habit Power Washer Patio Cleanup Grout Cleaning


Shining Up Those Sills

I don’t know if anyone out there has outdoor window sills like we do but, let me just say, this is where the spiders love to catch their meals. Power washing made a huge difference. I mean, look at my face – how serious and into this am I? But now our windows are sparkling and cobweb free!

Space And Habit Power Washer Patio Cleanup Window Cleaning

Water Mover Money Maker

Okay, getting a little sassy here with that hand on your hip, Madison! But another amazing thing about the WORX Hydroshot is that you can use any freshwater source to feed it. After this last monsoon our  water feature looked more like a chocolate fountain the water was so muddy. I scooped a lot of the water out but used the Hydroshot’s hose to remove the rest of the water that was hard to get out. Did I mention it’s cordless so you can pretty much take it anywhere? Works like a charm!


I’m pretty sure that’s only like 10% of what you can do with the WORX Hydroshot. The bundle comes with so many awesome tools like a squeegee for windows, a brush for floors and walls, an attachable soap dispenser – did I name them all?! Go and check this think out here and imagine all of the fun and amazing things you might be able to do with one of your own.

WORX Hydroshot Bundle Giveaway!

I’m always looking out for my tribe! So, I’ve teamed up with WORX to give one lucky person their very own Hydroshot power washer bundle (worth $159, y’all!)! All you have to do is share in the comments what you’d do with one of your own! Think fun, think creative! It doesn’t have to be a boring clean job like mine!

Giveaway entries will close Sunday, September 2nd at 11:59pm MT and be announced the following week on my Instagram stories (I will also email the winner!).  Must be 18+ and reside in the U.S. to win. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram.

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  1. Jodi Shaw

    I live in Central Phoenix and this monsoon season has been brutal! I would love a power washer to clean up my patio/courtyard at my condo!!

    • Madison

      Jodi! Aren’t they the worst? It’s always after you clean the patio or get your car washed that they roll in! I love the rain so much but boy is it DUSTY! That sounds like an amazing plan! Good luck!

  2. Lauren

    Well my answer may be boring, but that’s because I would use it to clean up our patio after those crazy monsoons! Plus, we also have windows with tons of water/dirt spots and those eves could use a good wash down. Basically ready to give this house a well-deserving bath!

    • Madison

      Lauren, I am right there with you! Even though it’s boring, it’s still such a fun thing to use!! Praise for a good house bath!

  3. Tara

    We would be powerwashing windows, our trim before we paint, and of course post monsoon clean up out here in the Far East Valley! It sounds like this powerwasher comes with all the bells and whistles!

    • Madison

      It 110% does! I never knew I needed one!!

  4. Melana

    Boring result but adventurous way to get there: I’d climb up to my roof and clean off our clear patio cover so our plants can get some more light!

    Also, I’d help my parents clean their house 🙂

    • Madison

      So awesome! Thanks so much for sharing, Melana!!

  5. Catalina

    Aside from power washing every nook and cranny in our yard I saw you could power wash a pool! Madison, I love following you on instagram!

    • Madison

      Ahhhhh yesss Catalina! I powerwashed some of the grout on our pool tile to get ride of the white ring. It worked pretty well! Thanks so much! You are awesome!

  6. Amber Bordonaro

    I have three boys…. they could use a power wash….like bad. Also, have you ever seen the hair of a mom with three boys? It could use a power wash and a condition and maybe a trim . The bathroom floor around the toilet !?…UGH, needs and a power wash. My foul mouth as I’m cleaning the floor around toilet seat MOST DEF needs a !?$%# power wash!!
    Other than those possibly, but not verified, inappropriate uses of a power wash system, I have a lovely brick area in my back yard that could use a fall-cleaning power wash! Love you!

    • Madison

      Hahaha you have me dying over here. I love all of those uses. I have been there while cleaning the toilet bowl!

  7. Will Strickland

    What would I do with a power washer?!!! What WOULDNT I do with a power washer!!!! They are a dream of cleaning power and satisfaction. I’m a home owner, dad, artist, and musician and having a tool like this would not only be efficient but fun in so many realms from washing my deck and driveway to blasting clean found objects for art pieces. Living in the south I’ve got plenty of mildew that likes to creep in and this would be amazing to help get rid of that on patio furniture and the house!!!

    • Madison

      Yess!! I love the enthusiasm and the creativity of uses!!! Those all sounds like amazing ways to take advantage of the HyrdroShot!! Winner coming soon!


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