Space and Habit Mid Century Modern Furniture By State
Aug. 29, 2017

Where to Find Authentic Mid-Century Modern Furniture in Every State

Space and Habit Mid Century Modern Furniture By State

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Sep. 7, 2022 @ 3:35 pm

Last year, we took the plunge. The plunge of buying our first authentic piece of mid century modern furniture. Forget our engagement (kidding, Sky!). In the beginning, all we knew was that we wanted a massive credenza. How hard could it be? Well, we didn’t exactly know where to begin. Initially we started our search at a few of the “big box” mid century modern furniture stores. Disclaimer, we have many great things from these places and there ain’t nothing wrong with that! But, it felt like the credenzas were very expensive and somewhat run of the mill. It was then that we made a decision. If we were going to invest the money, we needed a show stopper.

Our credenza, pictured above,  is a Young Manufacturing piece and it’s what mid century modern furniture dreams are made of. P.S. We got this amazing guy from our friends at Mixed Modern in New Hampshire and they are amazing! To say that we love it would be a major understatement. We are obsessed with it. And I think all of you might be, too! Whenever I share this beauty on my Instagram, people lose their minds! I get a lot of questions about who made it, where it’s from and how to find similar pieces. While I haven’t yet come across a piece of mid century modern furniture that looks like ours (trust me, I am searching!), I did do some research! Here is a list of places in each of the fifty states that I think might be good spots to try your luck at finding a show stopping piece of your own!

Did I miss one you love? Share your favorite places to shop for mid-century modern furniture in the comments below! Also, find out where our current mid-mod pieces end up and which new pieces we acquire in our new home in Arizona! Follow along in my new series, Our Santa Fe.

Vintage + Mid Century Modern Furniture Shops by State

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