Apr. 10, 2017

A Master Bedroom with Mid-Century Boho Flair


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Today I’m getting personal and sharing some design inspiration from my own home. Are you ready for it? It’s the part of our home in which we, arguably, spend the most time. Mostly because we love to sleep – especially our puppy, Warren. Anyways, our master bedroom is an airy space blending mid-century furniture, Southwestern elements, family treasures and some storage magic. We love waking up in this room and I am proud of the way it came together.

First, you’ll probably notice the paint color splashed on the walls of our room. We went with a light terracotta (Creamy Butternut from Glidden) that is reminiscent of the pots I had growing up that were filled with cacti and geraniums. It’s bold enough to stimulate those memories but tranquil enough to relax the mind in our master suite. Decreasing the saturation of a bold color is a great way to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm a low key space.

To balance the wall color, we chose a white linen duvet. On top of that, we piled textured and neutral pillows topped with a warm kilim pillow. All of this sits on our black metal bed frame which pops nicely off the accent wall for a little contrast and definition. My grandmother painted the piece above our bed in the eighties. It adds some more rustic flair with its wooden frame and scene of the Grand Canyon. A lot of the colors in our bedroom used this painting as inspiration and it’s a great story piece to have in our home. If you have items in your home that you’ve inherited and don’t quite fit in with your decor, see if you can incorporate them by adding some accents with similar colors to your space. Family pieces are priceless and the most unique items you can have in your home!

bird-foot-end-tableOn the sides of our bed we have these fun little bird-foot end tables. How fun are these? I saw them and had to have them. While we don’t have a ton of room on either side of our bed, these end tables provide a great spot for us to put our water at night.

When it came to storage in our bedroom, we had to get a little clever. laundry-storage 2The space itself is larger than any room we’ve ever had. But, we didn’t have all of the areas we wanted to store our clothing and laundry. We ended up purchasing a tall dresser from West Elm that fits nicely in this little nook of our room. We also found these great woven baskets for our blankets and laundry. They are super eye-catching and extra functional. Above our laundry is a yarn wall hanging I made a few years back and another painting inherited from my grandmother.

The other little area of our room is what I call the reading nook. Do I ever really read there? No… but our puppy does perch up on the upholstered chair and keep watch on the neighborhood. So I think it’s serving it’s purpose. We had this chair in the living room of our old apartment. To better-incorporate the grey, we decked it out with a rust and mustard kilim pillow, a garden stool and some accents I picked up at vintage markets (the bird planter is my favorite).


To round everything out into a well-connect space, everything in our bedroom sits on top of a Southwestern kilim rug gifted to me by my mom. I hauled it back from Arizona so there is no way I’ll ever be giving that thing up. Under the accent chair we have a cowhide layered over the kilim which helps to define the reading nook as its own space.


There are, of course, many things I’d still like to do with this room and I am sure it will be ever-evolving. Plus, I am always pushing my accents around in different configurations. On thing coming up will be the addition of two brass sconces on either side of the headboard. Definitely needed for a little extra light in the evenings. Hopefully I will get these up in the next few weeks, they have been hiding under our bed since the fall now…yikes!



Any styling tips for me as I go about filling out this room? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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