Space and Habit Fall Dining Room Decor
Sep. 29, 2017

Halloween Entertaining: My Decked Out Dining Room

Space and Habit Fall Dining Room Decor

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Fall is seriously one of my favorite times of the year. I love the sweater weather, the color changing trees and, more importantly, Halloween. Throughout our home you’ll find skulls, creepy things and bugs on a year round basis and don’t even get me started on my love of horror films. I love Halloween so much that, if it were socially acceptable at my age, I would pop on a costume and run out and trick or treat! Instead I usually dress up with a couple of friends and stuff my face with wine and candy at home. The night still maintains a spooky charm of its own and we love to entertain.

Halloween Entertaining At My Home

While indulging in some Halloween entertaining, I love to spice up our home a little bit with some additional Halloween decor and serving accessories. This year I’ve started with our dining room but, don’t you fret, there’s plenty more to come. Checkout my dining room and Halloween entertaining essentials below. I can’t wait to see how you ghost and ghoul up your space!


Space and Habit Halloween Entertaining Essentials

If you know me well, you know that I love my wine. I found these black wine goblets years ago at Zgallerie. Sadly, they no longer have them in black but they do come in silver and gold versions which are pretty stellar and can double for the Christmas and New Year holidays. I’ve linked to some similar wine glasses below to give your Halloween guests a spook in the “Shop the Look” section below. Another Halloween entertaining essential for the wine lover? Halter Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a bit on the pricier side ($30-ish) but sips oh so well and has a stylish black and orange label that’s sure to haunt.

Oh My Gauze

Space and Habit Halloween Dining Room Decor

Has anyone else noticed the abundance of spooky fabric on the Halloween decor scene this year? Well, I went a little crazy with it and have draped it everywhere in our dining room. I would definitely say this is a Halloween entertaining essential. Not only is it so much easier to clean up than traditional spider webs but it looks pretty darned classy if you ask me. I’m having flash backs to the scene in Hocus Pocus where they arrive at Allison’s parent’s house and they have that classy masquerade going on. That’s what I’m going for here… Also, I died when I came across this Day of the Dead beaded runner at TJMaxx. This is one of those finds that I might actually need to keep out year round.

Witch Serverware to Choose

Space and Habit Halloween Entertaining Essentials Food

Not only is the decor important but the Halloween entertaining vessels need to be spookily perfect. My good friend gave me this amazing set of LeCreuset Cocottes as a wedding present and I am obsessed with them. You can use them for individual servings (this set came with a cookbook) or simply for veggie dips or nuts. The Flame color makes for a perfect fall food accent.

Shop the Look

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