Apr. 7, 2017

Get the Look: Grace + Frankie Inspired Decor


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Have you finished watching it yet? It’s been two weeks since the brilliant third season of Grace and Frankie aired on Netflix. If you are like us, you spent the last two weeks binging with Lily, Jane and some Dominos pizza – I mean, what else were we supposed to do? Not only does this season pack a great storyline but the design inspiration is totally on point – props to Beauchamp Fontaine for showing that even folks in their 60’s and 70’s can have some kick-ass style.

If I’m being honest, every well-designed nook and cranny of this season found me oohing and ahhing. Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil the plotline for those of you who haven’t watched yet. I did want to share a few of my design favorites from the show, though! Below are a few of my favorite rooms along with some S+H picks that will help you get the look of Grace and Frankie!


The Beach House Kitchen Design


Source: Netflix

Would the kitchen design in the beach house make anyone else want to stay sedentary for life? I know I would sit down at the kitchen island with a cup of coffee and never leave again. What makes it for me are the Aegean blue cabinets. They add a ton of spunk to the kitchen and, paired with the butcher block counters and farmhouse sink, you just get some of those relaxing beach vibes. Carrying the shades of blue throughout the kitchen, the counters and shelves have been thoughtfully accented with baby blues and teals contrasted with some terra cotta pots and lamps in the background. All of these colors blend well and pull from the rest of the house for a truly cohesive color palette.

Shop The Beach House Kitchen


Robert and Sols Neo-Global Living Room Design


Source: Netflix

So here is where I really go wild. Likely because the design of Robert and Sols new living has all of the colors and textiles to which I’m most partial. I’ll start with their use of tribal patterns which give a fun, neo-global, look to the Spanish style home (if you watch season three, notice the tile on their fireplace). All of this centered around a masculine brown leather sofa balance the room for a downright trendy and worldly pad. On an added note, I love the use of ottomans near the coffee table for extra guest seating. What a win!

Shop Robert + Sol’s Living Room

Brianna’s Mid-Century Posh Office Design


Source: Netflix

Let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t want an office and a job like Brianna has? She is such a #boss. She’s also got the mid-century designed office to boot. The nook of her office that I drool over the most is the mid-century conference area. The classic Knoll Saarinen table and Herman Miller molded plastic chairs pop on the bright feminine colors for a posh and glam look. It says “Fab is my style, but don’t f*ck with me”.   

Shop Brianna’s Office

Bud’s Masculine Boho Apartment

Space And Habit Grace and Frankie Bud's Apartment Decor

Source: Netflix

So this one here is an update to this post because I had a number people reaching out about it. Bud’s apartment in Grace And Frankie is a wondrous display of some super amazing things. What I love most about his apartment is the fact that he manages to mix a good number of masculine and feminine items together into a seamless look. It’s also a perfect balance between the modern man he wants to be and his upbringing with a few hippie-dippie parents. It sort of gives the place a modern boho look with clean brown leathers and pops of lotus flowers in every corner. Such a cool and eclectic mix of things!

Shop Bud’s Apartment


Overall, the design of the set is well displayed and plays well off the personalities of the each character. I think I want every ounce of the decor incorporated into my life now. Next step? Start saving for a beach house…

Note: All images are from Netflix. I claim no ownership for any images presented here. Please contact me if any of these images should be removed and I will do so promptly.

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  1. Nancy Rader

    Trying to find the throw blanket used in Bud’s house on the set of Grace and Frankie.

    • Madison

      Hi Nancy! He has the coolest apartment! Which season/episode are you seeing it in? I am happy to do some digging and see if I can find a similar one.

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