May. 17, 2017

Home Decor Inspired by the Flamingo


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Sep. 7, 2022 @ 3:40 pm

Flamingos live the dream and flamingo decor is all the craze.

Have you ever noticed how bizarre looking flamingos are? Pretty sure an ostrich met a Sprinkle’s cupcake and that was the result. Regardless of how they came to be, I’ve been doing some thinking and I think it could be pretty awesome to be a flamingo. Here’s why: They eat so many shrimp cocktails that their feathers turn hot pink. They get to spend all day in the lagoon with their fabulous-looking flamingo friends. Their balance is so great that they can give a leg some rest once in awhile, it’s basically an active nap. Seafood, pool days with friends and endless naps? I am sold. The only other thing you might want to add is a glass of bougie rosé to match their bright plumage. I could go on…

While the dream of being a fabulous pink flamingo is probably a stretch, it’s certainly easy to incorporate some flamingo decor into your home this summer. Every place I have gone this spring, the tropics are abundant and the flamingo decor is in second behind pineapples! So, whether you’re in the crowd that says tropics are basic or you’re all about that sun soaked look, here are a few of my favorite home decor items inspired by our pink and feathery little friends!


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