fall home decor trends velvet living room
Jul. 24, 2017

Fall Home Decor Trends: Lush Velvets, Door Bobbles and more…

fall home decor trends velvet living room

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The sun is still shining and the beaches perfect for tanning but, believe it or not, fall is quickly approaching. Though I needed to Google it, the first day of fall is September 22nd. That gives us a little less than two months to get our fall home decor in order! I’ve been keeping an eye peeled for what I think will be the biggest fall home decor trends this year. Now, these are speculations but also dreams of what I hope will be trending this year. Of course, even if my crazy predictions are wildly incorrect, we always have Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge to keep me in check!

Lush Velvets in Fall Tones


Let’s be honest, the lush velvet scene is already alive and well. I mean look at my friend, Danielle’s, beautiful pop of golden yellow velvet in her living room above! If there’s one fall home decor trend I am certain will continue to thrive, it’s this cozy fabric set in a beautiful fall palette. Think golden yellows, dark greens, burnt oranges and even rich purples.

TIP: Love the look of luscious velvet but don’t want to swap out an entire piece of furniture? Try simply adding a velvet pillow or some velvet drapes to your space for a touch of luxury.

Fun and Funky Doorknob Bobbles 

This is one fall home decor trend that I find oh so fun and charming.  Bobbles for your doors! Whether that be some vintage bells, a yarn tassel or an entirely decked out doorknob from Rejuvenation, make a statement and a warm welcome this fall from the moment guests enter your home by spicing up your doorknob game!

TIP: Looking for a DIY option? Check out my DIY yarn tassel wall hanging. It makes for a great accent on a doorknob or on a cabinet as seen on my Instagram!

Organically Shaped Dinnerware in White + Metallics

Here’s a fall home decor trend that I am loving because one, it’s oh so beautiful and simplistic, and two, it’s one that can carry you all the way through the new year. Everywhere I look it seems that gold and white organically-shaped serving accessories are popping up on the trends lists. I am loving this place setting above by Satchel Planning & Design. A little tip to take this style to the next level – these colors and shapes pair oh so well with eucalyptus and white pumpkins for fall and cranberry and pine cones for the holiday season.

TIP: Want to get the look without shelling out the dough to replace your entire dish set? Try creating simple centerpieces by spray painting objects like vases and terra-cotta pots in matte white and gold and filling them will eucalyptus for a cheap alternative.

Dark Woods With Pops of Coral Orange

This fall decor trend inspiration comes from one of my favorite Instagram and bloggers, Goldalamode. Look at how flawlessly she combines this beautiful coral orange pillow on that rich wooden bench. While this is definitely an everyday style trend, it’s one that I am seeing more and more on the fall catalog horizon. These two colors together are modern enough to feel clean but warm enough to give you those fabulous autumn vibes.

TIP: This is a look that also looks great with a pop of neutral. Notice how Cara at Goldalamode uses a sheepskin rug to cover the bench. If you are looking for a fall feel that isn’t so bold, use a neutral throw or textile to soften the overall feel. 

Cotton Stems on Tables, Wreaths and Place Settings Oh My!

Is anyone else noticing that cotton stems are everywhere these days? Recently, I was at Brimfield Antique Market and, I swear, every other booth that we stepped into had some form of cotton stem in use. I am picturing these this year on doors as wreaths, on tables as place settings and even on shelves and in corners as a simple arrangement. I mean, even Crate and Barrel is selling these babies! That has to be saying something, am I right?!

TIP: It seems like cotton has been more of a rustic home touch as of late. For those of us with more modern homes, try sticking your cotton stems in a clean-lined vase or one with a pop of color to trend it up a little.

Rustic Touches in Modern Spaces

Here’s a fall decor trend that may surprise you! It certainly did me. Look at how modern the shot from DAJ Design above is…now look at what’s hanging overhead! An antler chandelier in such a modern home? It’s true and it’s AMAZING! I couldn’t get over how flawlessly they blended these two looks together and I think it’s something we can all achieve this fall. There are stereotypically-rustic home accents that have perfectly cleaned lines and have potential to fit well in a modern home.

TIP: I would venture to guess most of us won’t be installing a deer antler chandelier in our homes this year. That being said, there are a number of less-invasive ways to add some rustic charm to your modern home. Try a rustic mirror, neutral and heavy textured pillows or some copper accents to warm you space up this fall!

Warm Kilim Pillows and Rugs

If you’ve seen my Instagram, you have probably already gathered I am obsessed with Kilim everything. Pillows, rugs, poufs…I’ll take it all. While it’s already trending this year, I think that the warm color tones of these beautiful textiles will be sure to put this on the books for fall decor trends.

TIP: This is one trend that works amazingly well with the rustic touches I mentioned above. Try adding in a kilim pillow with a rustic wood mirror to any space and your sure to feel those fall home vibes!

Beaded Wood Garland

I have to thank my friend, Emily from @emilyeveryday, for this inspiration. How good does her beaded wood garland look over her fireplace mantel? There are so many different ways you can utilize this trend from mantel gussy-up to Christmas tree garland to fun and unique wall hanging, this is a beautiful way to jazz up your home for fall.

TIP: Lolly Jane has a great DIY on how to make your very own wood garland. Go check it out and get custom and funky with your garland!

Serving Style With Stoneware

There’s something so fall like and down to earth about artisan stoneware. Forged and Found Pottery puts together some amazing pieces that are intricately etched with beautiful geometric designs. If these don’t make you want to curl up on the sofa with a warm glass of cider while watching Hocus Pocus, I don’t know what will!

TIP: For a super fun and eclectic stoneware mix, try switching up the colors of your items and maybe even pick up different pieces from different stores!

Fluffy Animal Prints to Lighten the Mood


So, I have a bit of a special place in my heart for fluffy animals. Specifically, I am in love with llamas and alpacas of all kind. On top of that, I have been seeing so many of these fun prints like Spencer Monk has in TJ Maxx and Homegoods lately that I feel like something has to be happening. What better thing to have a fluffy animal print as a fall home decor trend. I mean, how much more cozy can you make a space if it has a portrait of an alpaca?

TIP: Going with a more neutral portrait of a furry friend can make a subtle and surprising statement while not being too cheeky in a space. 


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