May. 16, 2017

A Fun and Eclectic Bedroom Makeover


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How did a week pass since my last post? Does anyone else feel like time is going to quickly? Well, this last week I was out in beautiful Arizona visiting my mom for Mother’s Day. Well, she had a lot of projects teed up and ready for us to begin when I got there. The first (and biggest) project was the redecorating of her guest bedroom. It couldn’t have been more than an hour after I got off the plane and  we were out shopping for goods. We had a lot of fun working with what she had and finding new items to incorporate. Here’s a look at some of goods and colors we used to create her eclectic bedroom.

To start, my mom had already purchased the bedding and curtains for the room. To start decorating adventure, we had this super fun and wild San Miguel Quilt and Raw Woven Silk shams, curtains and bedskirt from Soft Surroundings. The quilt is beautiful but a lot of pattern. Yes, even for me who wrote about how to incorporate prints into your home. We did have to work to tone it down slightly and make it feel well-placed in the room. But, let me tell you, the woven silk items are amazing. It’s a super heavy and high quality material. Also, if you enjoy the smell of silk, they are quite wonderfully pungent. In addition to the pre-purchased bedding, my mom had the iron bed frame which was in my room growing up. I’m still in love with it and keep telling her I’ll take it back some day. But it weighs a ton and probably would cost a fortune to ship from Arizona to Boston. One can dream!

eclectic-bedroom-sitting-areaOnce we selected the bedding, we set out to choose the paint colors. While challenging, I remotely chose the paint colors so the room could be painted before I got there. In the end, I think we picked some great colors for thespace. We went with the same Glidden Fool’s Gold that’s in my dining room for the accent wall of the bedroom as my mom has really loved this color when she’s come to visit. While stunning, I was surprised at how different the dark room made the paint look. It’s a good reminder of how much light can impact the appearance of a paint color. We painted the remainder of the walls in a Glidden Whitecliff Beige. Because the guest room is tucked on the side of the house, it doesn’t get a ton of light in the afternoon. We wanted the primary paint color to keep the room open and bright during those times day.

Once the bedding was picked and the painting completed, we set out to hit the stores and accent our eclectic bedroom. And boy did we go everywhere. Because of the dark nature of the room (what is this, Harry Potter?!), we wanted to add some mirrors on the wall opposite the window to bounce some of the natural light around. We found three great arch mirrors and placed them side-by-side on that wall for a faux window effect. It was a really great way to brighten the space.

eclcectic-bedroom-nighstandNext, we moved on to outfit the eclectic bedroom with some night stands. My mom wanted a little extra storage and so we used these fun lotus end tables from World Market to carry on the boho-eclectic vibe and have some great extra storage. To add even more visual appeal, we found two table lamps with curvy and dramatic lines. They add a nice pop against the gold wall. While one is a neutral wood-looking lamp that pulls in the material from the mirrors, the other is a bright turquoise that pulls in one of the colors from the quilt. Of course, in addition to the table lamps, we also found all sorts of fun kilim pillows at Target, too. That and a nice cream throw with a pop of pink to lay at the end of the bed and tone the pattern of the quilt down slightly.

Below the window, we wanted to create a space for sitting or setting luggage and clothing. We went with a washed wicker bench that we found at Pier One Imports. It’s also great because the stain of the bench pulls the wood colors from the mirrors, nightstands and the silk textiles. To the right of the bench, we placed a decorative Moroccan-esque woven basket (that I wish I could have stolen back to Boston with me!) to fill the corner space. Lastly, and best of all, above the woven basket sits a faux-taxidermy head of a llama that looks about as boho-chic as they come. I think we were in Target and my mom’s words were “I have to have him.” So, we got the llama and made a home for him. He looks pretty darned fantastic, if you ask me.

And that was that! My first day in Arizona and we tackled the decor of my mom’s eclectic bedroom. I was fortunate enough to stay in that room for the remainder of the week and test it out for the first time. I’ll say, I felt like I was staying at an exclusive boho-Moroccan retreat. Definitely a clean, fun and relaxing room to spend my time in and a fun Mother’s day project to work on with my mom. Get the look of our bedroom makeover for yourself. Checkout some of my fun picks below which were inspired by our project!


What do you think of our eclectic bedroom design? Share  your thoughts in the comments below!

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