Space And Habit Budget Bathroom Update
Mar. 30, 2018

A $200 Powder Room Up-Do

Space And Habit Budget Bathroom Update

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Eek it’s been a hot second since I’ve shared a post. Anywho, we finally did it! Our life and pups made the trek from Boston, Massachusetts to little old Cave Creek, Arizona. Did I mention we we are loving it? Of course, there are still a number of things we still want to accomplish – me being me I want them all done yesterday….sigh. But, our home is coming together and is (mostly) live able. After completing a few of our renovation projects, we quickly realized that our pre-set budget was not going to get us as far as we had hoped. Surprise surprise (not really, though.) That being said, we are getting creative and doing a little “sprucing” for the short term. Starting with a budget bathroom update!

Our powder room (yes, with the green toilet) has grand plans of being brought to a new type of glory. Right now it’s more like Prince during the days when his name was just a symbol. We don’t really know what to call it. Most frustrating to me was walking into a room with no light and no mirror AND no toilet paper holder… I even installed what Sky fondly referred to as a “pee light”. A.K.A my Nightmare Before Christmas night light. I could at least see what I was doing then. Life was rough… Until, finally, the day before we had some out of town guests coming, I decided it was time to give the poor bañito some love on a budget. Here is my budget bathroom update. Total cost? About $200!

P.S. To pull this room together, I literally woke up and ran to Target and bought what I thought I could use. A lot of these things are from the home of the bullseye. No sponsorship and no endorsements. Literally just me being me and doing things spontaneously!!

Our Budget Bathroom Update

Space And Habit Budget Bathroom Update

A Room With A Hisss…

So, a few major challenges with this impossible-to-photograph room: symmetry, surfaces, space. That pretty much sums it up – a sassy little “sss”. Why you so snake-y powder room? You might not be able to tell, but the J-box for the light fixture is not actually centered over the sink or the mirror. Like, what? It’s true… But, the lights centered! Because I’ve tricked you…we opted for this swing arm sconce from Wayfair that allowed for the vanity light to be “centered” over the mirror. It’s all about the illusions! Cost for this light? $92! It also comes with the option to wire it using a plug, too. I like options so, two thumbs up for that!

Our next biggest challenge was where in the heck we were going to put soap for our guests. We debated letting them go rogue and aiding the flu in its efforts of world domination…only kidding. That’s gross and I can’t believe I just wrote that! This corner shelf from Target did the trick and that little black soap pump I found on clearance, what a steal? Pair that with a wall hook and a Nate Berkus hand towel (to match the toilet, of course!) and you’ve got a pampering station your guests won’t want to leave. Can I get a hip-hip-poo-ray?!

Space And Habit Budget Bathroom Update Hanging Planter

Doing It Up With Decor

Sheesh…sorry to make you scroll through that vertical photo…like I said, this bathroom is impossible to photograph. Next I needed a little decor to spice up this space. It’s got the tile, which I actually love! But, for a little stylistic contrast, I added in my Erte magazine clipping that I found on Etsy. I stuck it in that black frame to mimic the mirror from Target’s Project 62 line! Lastly on the decor scene, I found that hanging planter (also at Target!) and stuck a ZZ plant in there. This bathroom gets good light through a skylight but, there is no direct light. The ZZ plant is a perfect low-light option for a bathroom or other room that doesn’t see many rays.

It ain’t perfect but it’s functional and much more comfortable than it used to be! There’s my one day, budget bathroom update. Keep your eyes peeled for our grand plans to really update this space! Fingers crossed we can do it this year! Shop our powder room look below!

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